Sex Therapy

Difficulty with orgasm – The inability or having difficulty reaching orgasm. This can effect both the woman and her partner if in a relationship.

Enhancing sexual intimacy – In a relationship, it is common for a couple to sometimes feel bored when it comes to sexual intimacy. Your desires and limitations will be explored and discussed without judgement. This can also be applied to individuals and couples who haven’t had many sexual experiences and need more information and education on sexual intimacy.

Erectile Dysfunction - The inability to obtain or maintain an erection. As a result, ED can bring on premature ejaculation. This can be worked on within the individual alone, however, if in a relationship, it is important to have the partner be supportive and involved.

Genito Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder – an involuntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles around the vagina in an attempt to have penetration, usually resulting in pain. Types of this condition include: Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, and/or Vulvodynia. This can lead to Sexual Aversion. This can also be a result from Menopause.

Infidelity – Cheating breaks trust within a relationship that can be difficult to regain. We explore the events that led up to the infidelity and ways to rebuild that trust.

Kink - Sometimes it can be difficult to discuss your fantasies or desires with your partner, which can be done in an open, non judgemental environment to help you explore this part of you.

Low sexual desire or Desire discrepancy in a relationship – This can occur in men or women, when they feel like their sexual desire has diminished. This can be a result of hormonal changes, problems within a relationship or medication side effects, which can all be explored.

Non- Monogamous Relationships - When monogamy is not for you, an open relationship or polyamory may be more suiting for you. We can explore the boundaries within a relationship when in one of these relationships in order to feel secure.

Out of control sexual behavior – Out of control sexual behavior leads to interference In a person’s daily life, seeking out sexual encounters, or the feeling to watch porn or masturbate compulsively, sometimes ruining a career or relationship, or putting their own health or someone else’s in jeopardy.

Premature Ejaculation – Some men exhibit difficulty controlling their ejaculation, which can make them feel disappointment or frustration in themselves and/or their partners feel it as well. It is important to include a partner if there is one in this treatment.

Performance Anxiety – Sometimes men put a great deal of pressure on themselves, as do their partners, to make sure they can provide the right amount of pleasure they feel necessary. Learning how to cope with this anxiety and feel confident will help decrease this.